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"Magical accessories, classic yet bringing uniqueness to the look. With EMILLY accessories, I always feel like completely out of this world!" - customer Aistė.

EMILLY hair ties are a charming detail in your everyday outfit. Each rubber band is unique, handmade in Lithuania.

The design of this EMILLY rubber band is the first in Lithuania. Rubber bands are high-quality, elastic, durable.

They protect our hair and are an indispensable part of style. A small accessory -

creating a whole.

This exclusive detail will create uniqueness in the image you create. It is not without reason that silk organza is used - a luxurious fabric, puffy, so the elastic will not go unnoticed.

This natural fabric will visually give hair volume. The rubber band design should not be afraid of short hair and women who have very thin hair.

For this type of hair, we recommend purchasing royal rubber bands made of silk organza - a light and very plastic fabric.

Matte, thicker silk is more suitable for women who have long, medium thickness, thick hair.

The design of royal elastics will look great instead of a cuff - you will create a very interesting detail in your outfit that will attract everyone's attention, during the day you get tired of wearing elastics tied in your hair, then they become a great hand accessory.

Ingredients: single natural silk.

All EMILLY accessories fabrics are carefully selected and purchased directly from Italy.

This accessory is a great gift for everyone.


We recommend washing the scrunchies by hand using detergents designed for silk.

Composition:   100% natural silk


Scrunchie diameter about 18cm.


Free delivery from 49eu.

On normal days, we deliver EMILLY accessories within 1-2 days.

During holidays/offers/discounts, delivery may take longer.

Each EMILLY accessory is made by hand, so if you need to receive your order urgently, please contact us. Urgent orders are made and shipped within 1 day.


You can return the purchased EMILLY accessory within 14 days of the product being sent. You pay for the return of an accessory you don't like or don't fit. If the accessory arrived defective and you want to exchange it for another or return it, this service is free. If you just want to exchange an accessory for another one - there is no need to pay for the shipping of the replacement accessory.

Before returning or exchanging accessories, please contact us at the specified e-mail address.

And if you have additional questions:< /p>

Call: +370 647 75949

Email us letter


EMILLY creates handmade accessory packaging not only to enhance our products but also to contribute to the preservation and conservation of nature.

Each bag is expertly crafted for durability and the opportunity for reuse beyond just one or two times.

The versatility of accessory packaging isn't just about storage in a purse or drawer; it becomes a part of your style.

"STANDART" packaking

The design I create is intricately linked to the aesthetics of the accessory itself – each packaging reflects the same level of style and elegance.

"CLASSIC" packaking

Holiday-themed packaging not only becomes the main accent but also distinguishes each season with a unique theme, creating a special and unforgettable atmosphere. For me, it's important not only the details of the products themselves but also how they are presented – we aim to provide you with an exceptional experience when purchasing EMILLY accessories.


Festive Valentine's Day packaging


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