The most frequently asked questions

What accessories are best for thin hair?

For thinner, shorter hair, we recommend choosing smaller bobby pins (8cm) at the base, thinner bows, both puffy design bows and classic bows are suitable, as well as silk hair bands - of thinner fabric, because the designs are suitable for both classic, which will be puffier and thinner when tied .

What accessories are best for thick hair?

For thick, puffy hair, almost all EMILLY accessories are suitable. When choosing clips, it is worth paying attention to the size of the base, a smaller one (8cm) will fasten the hair in half at the top, a larger base (10cm) will fasten all the hair.

Are designer ties headbands only one size fits all?

Yes. After coming up with this unique idea, it was very important to select a base that would be suitable for all head types. You can often only make one bow from a tie, so it was very important that the size fits everyone. The base of the bow is easily adjustable, classic design, easily inflated.

What is the difference between headband sizes?

The sizes of the hoops differ in their puffiness and height - thinner ones are more of a classic version, lower and less elevated from the head, larger sizes - puffier and higher, more elevated from the head.

Pin sizes, what are they?

There are two sizes of clip: smaller (8cm) are suitable for thin hair to be fully or half pinned, for thick hair - half and larger (10cm) are suitable for thicker hair to be half and fully pinned.

What accessories do you recommend to combine together?

All EMILLY accessories can be combined together and separately. Some of the most popular combinations are: flower ring/silk elastic, silk elastic/bow, pin/scarf. You can choose bright colors together with pastels or only pastels if you are more of a minimalist style.

What accessories do you recommend for brunettes and blondes?

When choosing accessories, it is very important not to forget your favorite colors and the wardrobe you have created. If you are more of a minimalist style - choose darker, earthy colors, if you are a person who likes brighter details, I recommend trying patterns and bright shades. For dark hair, bright red, earth colors, and blue are most suitable. For fair hair - light shades, orange, green, blue.

Can you sleep with silk accessories?

Yes. Hair stylists advise you to sleep with your hair tied with a silk elastic - the fabric is very soft and natural, with properties that do not stretch the hair and prevent it from breaking.

Why choose a silk accessory instead of another material?

When choosing the fabric from which the accessory is made, it is important to set needs and priorities, but silk has several properties that have been loved by the whole world. The soft and natural fabric does not break the hair and does not leave marks. This fabric looks very elegant, so we decorate daytime looks in the simplest way. Silk also has the property of temperature regulation - so it is suitable for all seasons.